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Mr. Ashish Arora


Every economy in contemporary times rests on investments in its infrastructure. Apart from physical roads, buildings, ports and roadways, it is the social infrastructure viz. – affordable health, clean drinking water, sanitation and education that ought to take the central stage especially since the COVID 19 pandemic has emerged.

The pandemic has, in India resurfaced the deplorable state of the existing healthcare infrastructure. Going by numbers, the Economic Survey 2018-19 suggests that a whopping 7-8 crore Indians fall below the poverty line (BPL) because of health related expenditure. Official data indicates that more than one third of out of pocket expenditure of an average Indian household goes into medical care. This reveals the non-affordability of a large section of the Indian population for whom getting to see a healthcare provider, leave alone doctor is a far-fetched dream. Adding to this problem is the non-accountable attitude of a few existing healthcare setups. Lack of humanity, ethics, moral values and holistic communication has created a ‘relationship’ gap between the providers and patients.

Due to this, the vulnerable sections of the society, including the poor and needy, women and children, elderly and physically disabled suffer the most. As per NITI Aayog, 1 in every 5 children suffer from stunting, while almost 60% women have anemia.

Lancet report figures out that 32% of global burden of respiratory diseases occurs in India due to tobacco smoking and air pollution. Between 1990 and 2018, deaths due to diabetes increased in India by more than 130%, while the disease burden more than doubled in the same period. There has been a ‘steep rise’ in cancer patients, whereas cardio vascular diseases cause 28% of all deaths in India. A staggering proportion of Indian population suffers from skin conditions like infections and eczema that are easily amenable to treatment. These challenges, along with under supply of point-of-care testing leads to patients getting just symptomatic treatment rather than specific treatment guided by testing.

Valkin’s HealthCare takes birth looking at the grim situation of the healthcare infrastructure in the country. It aims to provide an ‘equitable’ and ‘value’ based healthcare services to the society. We, at Valkin’s believe in affordable and accessible testing and treatment of patients. We believe that patients’ experience and outcome must match their expectations of service delivery. We encourage our staff to a responsive and compassionate towards patient care. Above all, ‘value for money’ is the core of our services.

The state-of-art infrastructure at Valkin’s promotes patients’ mental wellbeing and makes them feel closer to nature. With the departments of Radiology and Pathology, the patients can get tested for a broad spectrum of symptoms and disease conditions; alongside getting treatment for their skin, hair or nail issues the department of Dermatology.

With your support and blessings, we, at Valkin’s wish to contribute our cause towards realising the Indian dream of ‘SarveSantuNiramaya’. Valkin’s HealthCare wishes to be the rotating wheels in the Indian path towards an inclusive, healthy and happy society.

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